Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Male Breast Enlargement Due to Tagamet


In forty to sixty % of males, a problem identified as gynecomastia can take place, in accordance to cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. PK Talwar ( Male breast tissue develops into a lot more than what is deemed typical and may possibly take place in one particular breast or the two. Although the result in of gynecomastia is unsure, medications these as anabolic steroids, digitalis, spironolactone and Tagamet can enhance the possibilities of this problem. Weight problems, marijuana and alcohol use may possibly also lead.

Tagamet and How It Performs

Tagamet (cimetidine) is a drug that aids lessen excessive tummy acid. Although tummy acid is vital in the approach of digestion, significant quantities can result in peptic ulcers and acid reflux, which can generate a burning sensation known as heartburn. Tagamet lowers the sum of acid and makes it possible for belly ulcers to recover. Tagamet assists in avoiding indigestion and is utilised to avert and cure ulcers that happen as a facet impact from other medications.


Tagamet might have an effect on typical male hormones, exclusively in their expansion and regulation. In accordance to The New York Instances Wellbeing Guideline, male attributes these as obtaining a deep voice or hair expansion are developed by hormones referred to as androgens. Whilst males have androgens and estrogens, Tagamet can the adjust the ranges, creating enlarged breasts. See a medical doctor when the onset of gynecomastia gets to be apparent. It is also finest for men to avoid taking Tagamet since of the probability of rising the manufacturing of estrogen and interrupting the male hormone cycle.

Psychological Results

A man could experience embarrassed and self-aware more than obtaining enlarged breasts, which might trigger nervousness simply because he might really feel he will be ridiculed for a situation he could not have significantly handle over. As part of his sexual identification, he could sense irregular or less masculine, because enlarged breasts are normally attributed to females.


Gynecomastia will usually go absent in a 12 months, as prolonged as you are not employing Tagamet or equivalent Medicine, but can often consider lengthier. Medical procedures, medications and natural solutions are solutions presented, but Surgical procedure can be high priced and might depart scarring. The makers of the natural Treatment method Gynexin declare the product or service uses up extra fat all around the nipple and breast. Medication with Gynexin usually lasts 4 to six months. Medication this kind of as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (utilised to cure breast cancer) might support in minimizing breast dimensions in males, the Mayo Clinic says.

Alternate options to Tagamet

Alterations in life style and diet program can aid to lessen indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn--and eventually trigger not acquiring to use acid reducers this sort of as Tagamet. Eat scaled-down meals; avoid coffee, tea, gentle beverages and related acid-developing drinks; minimize consumption of tobacco and alcohol; do not eat inside of two hrs of heading to rest; and really don't lie down right after a meal. A everyday dose of vitamin C, buffered to assist lessen acid, and licorice root also can minimize heartburn.

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